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INTJ. Funny enough, I identify more with the description for INFP group.

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Clemens v. VogelsangClemens v. Vogelsang


You were popular. High school was a place where you naturally thrived, as you enjoyed navigating the politics that came along with placing one thousand angsty teenagers together and forcing them to mingle relentlessly. You dated often, played whatever sport it was cool to play and were probably kind of mean for the first couple of years. You still miss high school a bit, to be honest.


You were either the class clown or the drama geek, possibly both. You had a strange, disjointed friend group that ranged from total nerds to reigning socialites and mostly you just floated around. You couldn’t wait to finish high school and go do your gap year in Zimbabwe, which you talked about pretty unceasingly.


You were a jock. You were the first of your friends to get laid and you enjoyed the sense of superiority it brought…

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You don’t enjoy sex if you don’t have an emotional connection with your partner. That being said, you connect emotionally with just about everyone you meet so this isn’t really a problem for you. You’re a warm and enthusiastic lover who enjoys exploring all facets of their sexuality. You don’t NEED sex in the physical sense of the word but as soon as you meet someone you’re excited about, it is ON. In whatever weird new way you can think of.


You get off on making other people happy so when you’re in a committed relationship, your sex drive is through the roof. You err on the conventional side sexually but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – you’re a giver in life and a giver in the bedroom. Y’all hate to ever disappoint.


You see sex as a challenge (Okay you see everything as a challenge)…

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John Wick, finally released on UK screens, is being presented as a comeback film for Keanu Reeves. The drift of a film star from a name in letters 5 feet high outside a cinema to letters centimetres high on DVD cases in Asda is something you only really notice as you get older. Sometimes the slow drift from being a name that can open a movie in cinemas, to a name that can persuade some foreign investors to back a cheesy DTV saga about, I dunno, Roman Legionnaires vs. Ninjas is nearly imperceptible. One morning you just wake up and think ‘hey, didn’t John Cusack used to be a movie star?’ Now he can’t even get cast in Hot Tub Time Machine 2

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